Daycare Curriculum

Our Activity-Based Curriculum drives everything children do at Blackbird

Rooted in evidence-based educational practice (see REFERENCES* below), our daycare Curriculum provides engaging experiences that set children on the path of lifelong learning and achievement.

Throughout the day, Blackbird teachers emphasize children’s:

  • Core developmental capacities (e.g., social communication)
  • Creativity and commitment (e.g., problem-solving)
  • Academic preparedness (e.g., literacy and numeracy)
  • Emergent citizenship (e.g., understanding self and others).

Curriculum Areas

Our specific Curriculum Domains—which are similar to school ‘subjects’—include:

  • Language Arts (including Emergent Literacy)
  • Concepts and Problem-Solving
  • Nature & Science
  • Visual Art
  • Music & Movement
  • Our World (Early Social Studies)
  • Social/Peer Interaction

Various Learning Opportunities from these Curriculum Areas are ’embedded’ in specific Activities and Themes that vary across weeks and seasons.

Activity Areas

Leaning Opportunities are embedded within a variety of Activity Areas & Centres; these centres include:

  • Dramatic Play
  • Construction
  • Exploration/Manipulatives
  • Art
  • Library
  • Sand & Water

Teaching is individualized so that all children receive developmentally-appropriate instruction. For example, while older children may be asked to predict what will happen in a storybook, younger children are encouraged to talk about the picture on the current page.

Questions about our Activity-Based Approach?

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You may also be interested in the list of Selected *REFERENCES (manuals and texts) that outline the basis of what we do and how we do it.

Selected *References

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